The Story So Far (page 2)

Galina Chester came upon Joseph Emidy's story by chance when, in 1995, she went to an exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London and saw a picture of an African violinist leading a group of musicians in Truro in 1808 entitled, 'A Musical Club, Truro'. Having grown up in St. Kea, Truro she could not believe she had never even heard of this composer and musician. She then met Dr. Richard McGrady and started her correspondence with Marjorie Emidy and began her own research into the story.

Galina subsequently initiated several of the largest Emidy projects to date, notably the Hidden Routes Programme (1998), The Bicentenary Concert (1999) and commissioned the Emidy Memorial plaque (2005) designed by Jacky Allan, unveiled by The Right Hon. Paul Boateng, MP and accompanied by a concert of African Classical Music by the ACM Ensemble.

Over the last ten years there have been several TV and radio programmes which have carried some or parts of the story including: a discussion programme between Cornish playright Nick Darke, author Richard McGrady and Julian May (BBC Radio4), a TV programme entitled 'The lost Composer' for the Community Education Channel produced by Helena Appio and a Radio Show for BBC Radio 1 Xtra entitled 'The Search for Black Trafalgar' produced by Arlon Harris Peregrine Andrews.