The Emidy Trust

After the launch of the plaque at Falmouth Parish Church The Emidy Trust was set up after an initial meeting between Galina Chester, Tunde Jegede and Revd. Stephen Tudgey of Falmouth Parish Church. The idea and vision for the Trust was an organisation that would be able to initiate, develop and co-ordinate international cultural links between Cornwall and West Africa in memory of the spirit in which Joseph Antonio Emidy lived his life. The aims and objectives for The Trust are as follows:

To establish a music scholarship, to be known as The Joseph Emidy Scholarship, for exceptionally gifted musicians/singers born in West Africa, who have limited financial means, to develop their musical skills by studying for a year with a master musician/singer from their particular discipline and tradition.

To facilitate cultural links and connections between established artistic groups and institutions in Cornwall and West Africa drawing on the art-forms of Visual Arts, Dance, Multi-media and Music.

To develop an annual cultural programme of events in Cornwall, which reflects the African and European Classical traditions, to raise funds for the Joseph Emidy Scholarship, promote an awareness of the Joseph Emidy story and the work of the Emidy Trust.

To create an annual education programme in partnership with the university, colleges and local schools to run in parallel with the annual cultural programme of events. This education initiative should be multi-disciplinary drawing in as many as possible of the art-forms of Visual Arts, Dance and Music.

For more information visit The Emidy Trust website.